Hiring Freelancers

Hiring Freelancers: Better Than an Employee?

You know the importance of being visible online and connecting with your followers through great social media posts, influencer marketing and other content. But with the risk of freelance agencies prioritising other clients and the costs of employee hires, which is better for your motorcycle brand?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of outsourcing vs hiring:

The Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer

Time and Cost

The main difference between freelance and employee marketing experts is that you pay for singular projects at a specific rate instead of monthly wages. Freelancers cost much less than employees as a result. You only pay for the work freelancers complete and they tend to be quicker to complete work since they must keep clients coming back for great content.

Comparatively, employees’ downtime on the job is huge. The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day, despite you paying them for 8-9 hours of work. A network of freelancers, however, are more productive due to no commutes, flexible hours and fewer distractions, such as chatting with co-workers, searching for new jobs and other massive time sucks that interrupt office workers. Hiring a freelance agency that relies on high productivity to bring in their full-time income means you get great marketing for a better price.

The Small Business Administration found that hiring a full-time employee is much more costly than expected too. The real cost is 1.25-1.4 times more than a salary and bonuses. Payroll taxes, insurance, training and other expenses are all added on top, and this could really impact any business and especially a budding start-up.

Also, hiring a permanent position takes up a lot of time. Freelancers are easier to find and sometimes you can get a project agreed upon within 1-2 weeks or even 48 hours depending on their schedule. Your HR team won’t be pressured to fill the marketing role, which can sometimes take several months to complete.

Quality of Work

When you bring a freelancer team into your marketing strategy, you are not limited by your local talent market. You can connect with freelance specialists from any location too.

Plus, to keep up with the marketing and motorcycle industry, these freelancers are more likely to produce higher-quality work than your average in-house employee. Freelancers must be more aware of new trends and skills to keep attracting projects, and this additional training need is only getting bigger after the shifts in the way we work post-pandemic.

A network of freelancers also has greater pride and satisfaction than in-house marketers. A recent IBM study found that freelancers are more engaged than most employees, with another study comparatively finding two-thirds of employees as not engaged in the company that they work for. Freelancers, however, cannot afford this. Their whole livelihood depends on high-quality, productive work to maintain their client base.


Though you can have diverse employee teams, having freelancers increases the variety of backgrounds and cultures even further.

These different backgrounds build a creative space where people can find new perspectives and approaches to your marketing content. This means faster innovation as your motorcycle brand will not only appeal to a broader audience because of their cultural differences, but make you more competitive in your market thanks to their unique marketing insights.

The Cons of Freelancers

To understand the outsourcing pros and cons fully, let’s explore some concerns when hiring a freelancer…

A Multitude of Options

You can get an overwhelming number of replies when you post a new project ad. Who do you pick? What if some of these freelancers exaggerate their marketing skills and capabilities if they are desperate for work?

Let’s break this down into 2 parts:

Firstly, don’t hire freelancers whose social media pages or websites cannot be found. You should review any past work or find testimonials from their clients to see how good the marketing professional is to support your brand.

And secondly, although you may get many responses to a project, it isn’t as labour-intensive as finding a permanent team member who must fit your work culture and will be much more expensive to employ than if you hire freelancers.

Misunderstandings / Missed Deadlines

You need freelancers who are motivated and efficient. Yet, there is a popular concern that hiring a freelancer/s could be more problematic because you cannot track a freelancer vs an employee.

To avoid any misunderstanding, delays or missed deadlines, make sure you are thorough when discussing the project. Asking them for content in an appropriate timescale will make sure you get the high-quality marketing content that you both expect.

And, remember that you don’t have to supervise a freelancer/freelancer team as they are highly qualified independent workers.

Company Loyalty

One of the top reasons businesses think about choosing an employee over a freelancer is down to brand loyalty.

Freelancers sustain their own business by taking on projects from other clients. This can be seen as a weaker business relationship as there’s less company dedication for the freelancer vs in-house employees. Not to mention how they prioritise their urgent project deadlines.

But freelancers are multitaskers. With an extremely high engagement rate; 76% of full-time freelancers are satisfied with their work, with 69% being happy with their pay in 2021.

They create marketing content for multiple businesses because they love it. For example, Thalassa, our founder and social media strategist, has several clients she has worked with on a regular month-to-month basis since 2016! She has brought this same dedication into our network of remote freelancers here at Motorcycle Marketing.

The best freelancer teams work with you because they are eager to support your company. Although they will have other client commitments, they won’t want to go elsewhere if you keep them engaged enough in your brand with exciting work outlines and pay their market rate.

The Takeaways

Statistically, there are more benefits of hiring freelancers than employing someone in-house to do your marketing­­. A freelance marketing agency will be easier to find and make your awesome team more diverse. (Not to mention the lessened risk for start-ups too when you are fleshing out your work culture.) It is an overall shorter process and doesn’t involve the extra employee costs such as insurance, and other hidden expenses like training. Freelance marketing experts work independently, and they are specialists in the marketing field.

Why not join the over 90% of other companies that are utilising and building freelancers into their daily tasks?

Contact us at hello@motorcycle.marketing or check out our other blogs for more content marketing, social media or influencer marketing support.

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