5 Ways to Optimise Your Business Instagram for Maximum Engagement

5 Ways to Optimise Your Business Instagram for Maximum Engagement

There’s a reason why motorcycle brands use Instagram in their social media strategy. Instagram content builds engagement with your business. The higher your engagement is, the more Instagram will boost your content and profile to show it to more people. But how do you increase engagement?

In 2022, 90% of people follow at least one business and 50% of users reported visiting a website to buy a product or service after seeing it in an Instagram story. With 3.76 billion visits every day to the platform, you can’t afford to miss out on marketing your brand on Instagram. But to reach this market, you need your engagement on Instagram to be high and too many people focus on the content they produce and forget about the Instagram profile itself.

So, here are our 5 tips to optimise your profile for great engagement:

1) Optimise Your Profile Picture

One of the most underrated parts of a great business Instagram is the profile picture.

Let’s look at the 3 ways to improve it:

Be Instantly Recognisable

We would suggest using your logomark (logo without any words) to represent your business. Although your full logo or Mascot might be great, having a logomark is perfect for the desktop profile picture dimensions that Instagram has (only 110x110 pixels!)

Don’t Frequently Update It

If you change your profile picture too frequently people may not recognise you/your business and scroll past your content without realising.

Complement Your Brand’s Aesthetic

This goes for your profile picture and all the visual content you post. Make sure there is consistency in your colour palette and the mood of your brand.

2) Optimise Your Bio Content

You should make sure your name is listed and not your Instagram username as it will be harder to find and identify you. Your business profile should also be easy to scan-read. You can break up the information with line breaks or emojis. This makes it easy to convince people to follow you as they get the information fast. However, you need to consider your accessibility when using emojis. Emojis will disrupt any assisted technology like speech-to-text. Only use a couple and consider whether they it will alienate any of your audience.

To create a line break instead, go to ‘edit profile’ and in your Instagram bio and tap Return.

For Instagram bio ideas, make sure you describe what your company does, have a link, contact information and the category the company comes under (e.g., Shopping & Retail for a motorcycle clothing brand). To further the specifics of your business, here’s a tip to further modify your business category:

On ‘edit profile’, find the business information category section, click the category and then subcategory from the drop-down menu.

3) Optimise With Keywords

Keywords are like hashtags for getting you more visibility.

You can triple your searchability scores by using a significant keyword after your company name. Your business will appear when users use keywords to find content even though your username might not contain them. Pick a keyword/s that makes sense to your brand. You can do this by doing quality research into knowing your audience and looking at similar accounts. For example, put ‘scramblers’ or ‘tyres’ after the name of your shop to pull that traffic to your page.

4) Optimise With Hashtags

You can add relevant hashtags to your bio too. But be careful not to overuse them or use popular ones. Putting popular hashtags in your bio like “motorcycles” or “social media” will not help your searchability. These are too general and will send people away from your content as they are heavily used by others. Pick 1 (or 2) hashtags like your branded hashtag or one that is relevant to a current campaign/event to build awareness through your bio.

5) Optimise With a Call-To-Action

Remember to add a ‘call to action’ to lead people to your store or other accounts. This is important as the external link will support the goal of your social media strategy. (E.g., Driving them to your website.) A pro tip is to only pick the contact options that directly link to this social media strategy. Having too many options will stop people from viewing all of your description as they must click ‘More’. This extends their customer journey, which could lose them.

Instagram has one space for an external link as it likes to keep you on the platform. Linktree is great for solving this issue as it hosts many links through a landing page on your bio. Your followers can access your newsletter, blog post, giveaway, YouTube channel and online store. Or a fantastic way to get people to frequently check your page is to use this space to regularly update the link to your latest motorcycle event or giveaway.

There are many things you can do to get an engaging Instagram profile for your business. Reviewing your profile picture, core business information, keywords, hashtags, and links will drastically improve your business on Instagram and help your engagement.

If you need support with your Instagram, visit us at Motorcycle Marketing to find out about our social media services.

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